Shorts & Documentary

Miriam has directed four short films and a documentary.

Her most recent short, Magic Madeleines (2019), was an Official Selection at  LA Skins; Oneota; Winnipeg Aboriginal; Paris Lift Off; Mediterranean at Cannes; Indianer Inuit film festivals. Miriam and her Co-Producer, Sera-Lys McArthur, are currently pitching the feature version.

Madeleine’s Method: (2009) Miriam Laurence’s documentary about her life-long friend — actor, teacher and director, Madeleine Sherwood. In this doc, Madeleine talks about her life and career as she travels to New York City to teach a workshop to members of the infamous Actors Studio. Included is rare footage inside the actual Actors Studio.

Rue the Day (2005) Evolved through improv. Premiered at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.

Wheel and Clay: a poem by Naomi Guttman. (2004) Made possible through agrant from the Ontario Arts Council’s First Projects: Film and Video program. In her mysterious basement, a grandmother teaches her grand-daughters the art of clay. Her passion and creativity, always remembered, is passed on to their children and is reflected in their works.

Corridor (1999) was a Take One Film Project which was a program implemented and conceived of by Miriam Laurence for Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre. After two weeks of drama exercises, character creation, script writing and pre-production, the project was shot in five days. The young actors served as crew members when they weren’t in a scene.