What Happens during a Session?

Through rigorous and far-ranging training techniques actors investigate a personalized path of self-discovery.
In supportive ongoing classes, actors gain the freedom, the information, and the knowledge to explore the many choices available to them.

Classes Cover:

+ Linklater vocal warm-ups, Alexander body alignment

+ Strasberg Relaxation, Sense Memory, Song & Dance, Private Moment

+ Meisner for listening; Method improvisational techniques for character

+ practical and organic on-camera skills

+ short prepared scenes, monologues, and long-term Scene Study

+ cold reads and “off-book” audition techniques

*All work is filmed on personal SD cards or recorded on Zoom and then sent individually to actors.

Classes In Studio

Miriam’s use of various techniques that intensify actors’ on-camera presence. These exercises integrate Linklater/Alexander warm-ups with Stanislavski, Meisner, Adler, Hagen and Strasberg approaches.

Actors learn to act and audition for stage and screen; to investigate story and character; to use and combine analysis with personal connections.

In Scene Study, actors master character analysis, activities, and motivated movement.

The connections actors learn add to moment-to-moment work in theatre and film.


Actors have found that studying with Miriam for one or two years builds their technique – challenging them to take risks more effectively than going from teacher to teacher. Because of the depth of training offered, working with Miriam leads towards a highly skilled and intuitive acting style in theatre, television, and film. 

Actors new to class work on a monologue, learning lines, auditions, and then move on to scene-study. Returning actors choose to work on short prepared scenes, monologues, long-term scene study, cold reads and ‘off-book’ audition techniques