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Method Acting Integration

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Actors new to class work on a monologue and then reading and audition and scene-study skills. Returning actors choose to work on short prepared scenes, monologues, long-term Scene Study, cold reads and ‘off-book’ audition techniques.

Classes Cover:

+ Linklater vocal warm-ups, Alexander body alignment
+ Strasberg Relaxation, Sense Memory, Song & Dance, Private Moment
+ Meisner for listening; Method improvisational techniques for character
+ practical and organic on-camera skills
+ short prepared scenes, monologues, and long-term Scene Study
+ cold reads and “off-book” audition techniques
*All work is filmed on personal SD cards or recorded on Zoom

Actors have found that studying with Miriam over a year or two builds their technique and forces them to take risks more effectively than going from teacher to teacher. Because of the depth of training offered, working with Miriam leads towards a highly skilled and intuitive acting style in theatre, television, and film. Actors need to gain the freedom, the information, and the knowledge to explore the many choices available to them in order to become better actors as a result. In usual times Miriam’s classes are held in her downtown studio in Toronto.


As is the policy in many studios there are no auditors except for those who have previously trained with Miriam and understand the work. Miriam personally meets all prospective actors and together they decide if this work is right for them.

If you are interested in studying with Miriam, watch the class video and then email her (see below ‘to connect’ or email: In the email tell her a bit about previous training in acting or related areas, life experience, and why you want to train with her. She will get back to you by email and arrange a time to meet with you online for 20 minutes max to establish an individual connection. This helps her tailor an individual program of study for each actor. This procedure preserve the integrity of the class and ensures a safe space to explore the craft. As the class size is limited, it offers a high value to those who are committed.

After admittance, payment will be made via PayPal for international students and online banking for Canadians.


Due to COVID-19, Miriam made up the winter classes online until the end of July. The actors and Miriam explored how to use Zoom for the work we do. For film-work, we taught ourselves how to use our cameras to set up our own interesting shots and tell the story of the scene effectively.

I. Warm Ups

II. Audition, Monologues, Scene Study

Meredith mastering the art of letting the script live in your hands

III. Monologues & Auditions with a Reader

Kiley & Siam

Emmanuel with Maksood listening

‘The Talk’ after

IV. Partner Improvisation Scenes

Moments from two improvisations on scenes from David Rabe’s ‘In the Boom Boom Room’.

This disturbing play about misogyny, racism, childhood trauma and abuse was way-ahead of its time.

The actors work on activity, relationship and connection. And even though it’s done through an online medium, so much is explored and learned!

Scene 1: Lydia & Adriana; Scene 2: Maya & Ashley

The Talk’ after

Thom & Dave in a scene from Sam Shepard’s ‘Lie of the Mind’


*All submissions go directly to Miriam’s personal e-mail:


In all of Miriam’s classes, special attention is paid to techniques for on-camera acting. When we are in the studio, auditions, monologues and scenes are filmed on HD video cameras. Students must supply their own disks and take it home at the end of the session.


Actors who have studied with Miriam are welcome to come back to audit free of charge when they are not in session. Actors new to Miriam should arrange to meet her in person and watch the videos on this website as a virtual ‘audit.’