Jo Pham BohorquezJo Pham Bohorquez
01:20 26 Jul 23
Studying with Miriam was an amazing and positive experience. I found so much space for growth in her classes. I’ve also made discoveries about my craft that were new to me. She is an incredible teacher with a ton of work experience. She provides a safe space for our work! And I do enjoy the methods she uses. I highly recommend this studio
Mahdi Rahmani HanzakiMahdi Rahmani Hanzaki
20:04 12 Jun 23
I started taking classes with Miriam in April and have really enjoyed and learned a lot from the classes. She is very diligent about her classes and she takes them very seriously.Also, unlike some other studios, her classes don’t have any other hidden fees. I have seen some other studios require students to pay for every video of their scene which is absolutely BS imo
Audrey CochraneAudrey Cochrane
11:48 11 Jun 23
I highly recommend Miriam’s acting classes!She has a wealth of information and knowledge about acting. She develops truthful actors. She brings the best of out of everyone and teaches you to love and respect the craft.I will continue to work with her, as she’s the best! Thank you Miriam💖
john gwozdowskijohn gwozdowski
13:04 10 Jun 23
She is a wonderful coach. One of Canada foremost acting teacher.I believe her approach would be useful for all actors.
23:56 08 Jun 23
I am very new to acting but not only was Miriam’s class filled with excellent instruction, but I felt very welcomed as well as challenged throughout.Miriam’s approach is layered and precise – but the thing I like most about Miriam’s class is her approach to teaching and acting. I always felt like I was being taught by someone who deeply understands and respects the craft. She was able to offer advice and instruction to everyone in the class – from all backgrounds and experience levels.In return she expects you to have the same level of respect and thought to put into your learning. This is a serious (but still fun!) class focused on working on the craft of acting, even if often you may find yourself learning about things beyond the craft alone like I did.I’m planning on returning again and continuing working with her.Would recommend.
C RussellC Russell
22:55 08 Jun 23
Miriam’s extensive experience in the classic schools of acting makes for a rich and deep experience in her classes. I did not realize what I was missing in my own work until I began training with Miriam. She shows us the tools we need to learn to use, and is brilliant at noticing even the slightest tendencies to slip back into old patterns. I have found this work to be revelatory, and it is impacting my other creative endeavours in a very positive way.
Randy EvaloRandy Evalo
21:06 23 Aug 22
Studying with Miriam Laurence for many years tremendously helped me get over a lot of my fears and insecurities as an artist. As a non-native speaker, she taught me a lot about the importance of structured practice, patience, hard work to become a confident and most truthful actor. Miriam have also helped me prepared for my theatrical debut of the production of Michel Tremblay’s Hosanna. Most recently, Miriam and I have worked closely for weeks to help me prepare for the audition to get into drama school and got a call back on one of them! Wherever level you are in your acting, I highly recommend studying with Miriam Laurence!
Over the past 30 years, these actors, directors, teachers, hosts and screenwriters were directed, coached, or trained by Miriam Laurence

Jim Allodi, Chemika Bennett-Heath, Semi Chellas, Warren Chow, Christina Cole, Raven Dauda, Lolita Davidovich, Robin Dunne, Michael Eisner, Samantha Gudstadt, Martha Ferguson, Sheri Godda, Joris Jarsky, Carol Kane, Natalie Krill, Michèle Lonsdale SmithMichael Luckett, Jacqueline McClintock, Trent McMullen, Tatiana Maslany, George McKay, Andy McQueen, Leah Miller, Sofia Milos, Michelle Nolden, Paul Popowich, Gina Phillips, Deborah Odell, Liisa Repo-Martel, Alex Rice, Roland Rothchild, Joseph Scoren, Abigail Spencer, Jessica Steen, Amy Stewart, Brandi Mari Ward, Daniel Webber, Chandra West, Liz West, Rochelle Wilson, James Wotherspoon, Susie Yankou, and Richard Zeppieri


Semi Chellas  (Executive Producer: Snowpiercer, The RomanoffsMad Men, The Eleventh Hour | Director: American Woman | Screenwriter: The Eleventh Hour, Rookie BlueBeing EricaPicture ClaireThe Life Before This | Actor: Twitch CityThe Life Before This) “Working with Miriam inspired me in my writing by exploring the layers that occur under and around the spoken word. The work in her class integrated the physical, the emotional and the dramatic in a way that led to some of the most interesting and original moments between actors that I’ve seen.


Joris Jarsky (Actor: October Faction, Carter, Murdoch Mysteries, Saw V, Foolproof | Dora, ACTRA and CSA nominations) “When I look back at my career it is glaringly obvious that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t studied with Miriam Laurence. When I met Miriam I was a lost young man with not a lot going for me. Taking her classes not only gave me my foundation of craft but it pointed me in the direction to which I so badly wanted to go: to be a working actor. We all want results from our time in class and there is no doubt in my mind that the time I spent in Miriam’s class has continued to give me the results I desire over and over again. Her generosity, kind heart and laser beam intuition have been one of the greatest gifts I have received from a teacher in my career. Before I met Miriam I had auditioned for George Brown twice and had not gotten in. Six months after studying with Miriam I was accepted into The National Theatre School of Canada. To me her greatest skill is that she pushes you towards your unique talent and gives you the skills you need to fully express it. Basically she’s a Fire Starter; she helps you light the fire and gives you what you need to stoke that fire for years to come.”


Sera Lys McArthur  (Actor: Outlander, Magic Madeleines | Friends From College, Robbery, Arctic Air “Miriam is my go-to acting coach for all my auditions and callbacks. She is extremely helpful in assisting me to breakdown scripts of lead roles which I have already booked. We work remotely online most often, using skype or some other video chat platform. This is very helpful for me, as I am often traveling for work and callbacks. She helps me key in to aspects and elements I might have missed, which in turn allows me to reach a deeper level in my work. Her coaching is both artistic and technical. As a director, she has an excellent eye and ear for details. After working with Miriam, I always feel much more prepared and confident about my work. I believe her approach would be useful for actors of all levels and can be applied to subsequent work afterward. Private coaching and group classes with Miriam are an excellent investment in your craft.”


Richard Zeppieri  (Actor: Blood & Treasure, American Gothic, Titans, Rookie Blue, The Listener, Suits, Covert Affairs, The Kennedys, The Bridge, Murdoch Mysteries, Puppets Who Kill, Earth: Final Conflict, Soul Food, Nikita) “One of Canada’s foremost acting teachers, Ms. Laurence’s clear and no nonsense approach to the art of acting will benefit everyone, from the novice starting out to the seasoned pro needing to refocus his or her skills.”


Raven Dauda  (Actor: Five Days at Memorial, Clifford The Big Red Dog, Utopia Falls, Murdoch Mysteries, Impulse, Star Trek: Discovery, Orphan Black, The Bridge, ‘Da Kink in My Hair, Paradise Falls, The Eleventh Hour, The Newsroom, Bulletproof Monk, Mutant X) “Miriam is an amazing acting instructor and coach. Taking her classes was one of the best things I did for my craft and my career. I still see Miriam whenever I get cast in challenging roles. She is a wonderful coach and her guidance and insights are a priceless gift for any actor.”


Kiley May  (Actor: Coroner, It Chapter Two, Woman Dress) Miriam is like an actor’s emotional surgeon. She has a gift and magical ability to scan an actor’s body holistically and diagnose blockages or areas that need to be released and improved on. Not only physically, but seemingly, emotionally and psychologically. She knows how to hone in on an actor’s inner emotional realm, pulls it out and helps infuse it into a performance so that it is authentic. Miriam has helped me to go to those uncomfortable places, work through it and use it in a scene. With her training and method, I have gone from acting to reacting – from miming an emotion to actually experiencing an emotional reality in a scene. This has helped me to achieve more truthful performances and deliver my best work on the screen. Don’t miss a chance to work with one of the top acting teaches in the Greater Toronto Area! Miriam Laurence Studio is among the best.”


Nic Grimes  (Actor: Future Man, V-War, Killjoys) “Miriam is a brilliant teacher! Her teaching approach provides you with the precise tools to continually improve as an actor and set yourself up for future success. One thing all of us students will agree with is that it’s clear to sense her immense passion and determination to bring out the absolute best in each student. After one round of classes, not only am I a stronger actor but I can’t begin to explain how truly free, present and confident I am during auditions and when I’m on set!”


Siam Yu  (Actor: I Declare War, The Yard) “Miriam’s exercises and techniques have fundamentally shifted the quality of my auditions. In class – or in separate zoom calls – she challenges my approach at every turn, offering many solutions that keep me active and engaged throughout the work. Through Miriam, my perspective on an audition has changed from being an incessant chore to an exciting creative challenge. In our Shakespeare work Miriam led me along a path of personalization and deep connection with the character; this has now become an essential part of my work. Not only has my enjoyment of the process risen, but the speed by which a character comes alive off the page has doubled as well. Miriam’s coaching has also gained significant results: I credit our work together as the reason I was accepted into the acting program at the National Theatre School of Canada. Regardless of the medium in which Miriam’s teachings are experienced, I believe her guidance will have a lasting effect on both the creative quality and the mental tenacity of an actor.”


Martha Ferguson  (Actor: Freestate, Queer as Folk, Slings and Arrows | Screenwriter and Director: Freestate, The Crying Booth, The Wet Season “Miriam’s class created the space for me to take risks and follow my instincts as an actor truthfully and sensorially, getting me ‘out of my head’ and bringing my work to life in an entirely original way. Miriam’s listening, clarity and razor sharp observations makes her one of Toronto’s best teachers.”


Sean James (Actor: The Hardy Boys, Most Dangerous Game, Murdoch Mysteries and 211)  “When I heard about Miriam’s class I was immediately interested in her course given her wealth of experience and training particularly at New York’s prestigious Actors Studio. After training with Miriam for 18 months, I gained the essential skills as an actor that prepared me for an audition for one the world’s best drama schools – LAMDA. I was accepted to the 2-year program out of 4000 applicants. I can tell you now, that the skills and techniques I learned from Miriam are world-class – her curriculum would fit perfectly into any prestigious drama school in the US or the UK. She is not only an expert on various acting techniques but almost more importantly, approaches the work with integrity and passion with a respect for the actor as an artist – this is what makes Miriam one of Toronto’s best acting coaches and a major reason why I chose to become an actor. I would highly recommend this course to actors at any level looking to find deeper meaning and understanding of their craft.”


Tianna Nori  (Actor: Clean Break, Dual Suspects) “I know I have said it again and again. But thank you! I have never met a coach who has as much passion and dedication to coaching and teaching their students as you!You Care – and this is rare. If you look at my resume, I have a ton of coaching and I can honestly say that I am so thankful to have met you and had the opportunity to be a part of your class. I am excited to continue in the fall with you!


Joseph Scoren (Actor: Naked Lunch, Almost America, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, Mutant X, Queer as Folk, Nikita, Due South) “After two years of intensive study in New York, Miriam Laurence’s classes helped me to balance and hone my skills. As all respected actors of merit acknowledge, finding a superb teacher can make a huge difference in nailing an audition and sustaining a career.”


Deborah Odell  (Actor: Lost Girl, Alphas, Nikita, Time Bomb, M.V.P., The Dead Zone, Queer as Folk, Mutant X, Relic Hunter, PSI Factor) Miriam Laurence is a compassionate, gifted and dedicated teacher. By combining her extraordinary intuition with an extensive and varied knowledge of the acting craft, Miriam is able to create in her class a safe and nurturing environment in which the actor who wishes to dig deep can excel. She connects with her students on an individual level, bringing to light both their particular gifts and specific challenges. Miriam’s class provided me with a forum in which to get acquainted with myself on an emotional level in my work I was able to make my most intense and authentic connection to my emotions as an actor in Miriam Laurence’s class. For any actor who wishes to become more present in their work, I strongly recommend Miriam Laurence’s class.”


Wesley Connor  (Actor: Queer as Folk, External Affairs, The Jane Show) “I would highly recommend Miriam’s class to any actor, whether a beginner or a professional, looking to sharpen his or her skills. Her unique teaching technique, the Integrated Acting System, is the most effective method I have encountered. For the beginning actor, Miriam is encouraging and slowly guides you. I have seen remarkable transformations in new actors within a matter of weeks. The beginner comes out of Miriam’s class as a much more effective actor and with a strong sense of confidence. For the more experienced actor, Miriam pushes you to explore and test your own personal boundaries. She provides a perfect platform in which to try new things and discover new aspects of your instrument. As a working actor, I feel Miriam’s classes have provided me with the skills needed to get the audition and be the best actor I can be.


Heather Laura Gray  (Actor: The Score, Dead Like Me, The Lizzie McGuire Movie) “Drawing from a large assortment of information for the actor, ranging from method to instinct, Miriam Laurence is a great teacher. I’ve thoughly enjoyed the structure of the class that allows the actor to work on what’s needed for them specifically.


Trent McMullen  (Actor: Small Town Murder Songs, The Elizabeth Smart Story, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, Twice in a Lifetime, Earth: Final Conflict, Nikita, Last Night, PSI Factor) “Miriam Laurence immediately recognized any strengths I might have and completely ignored them. With tenderness and passion she pushed me to confront my weaknesses. The result, I feel, has allowed me to create much fuller, more complex and, most importantly, very personalized characters. I always use her relaxation exercises for auditions and to go to the places inside myself that are so essential when doing a job. I will continue to go back and study with her for years to come.”

Linda McKenney  (Production Assistant: The Perfect Man, Dawn of the Dead, The Pentagon Papers | Actor: Mohandas & Bette: A Love Story) “Miriam helped me to develop a routine to further myself in the craft of acting something tangible that requires technique and discipline. Miriam has been indispensable for my growth as an actor. Her Integrated Acting System works for me and I recommend it highly for anyone wishing to study acting.”


Roland Rothchild  (Actor: Repo Men, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, The Pentagon Papers, Soul Food, Woo) “Anyone, whether professional or just starting out would do well to seek our Miriam’s instruction. Miriam promotes truth, integrity, and a specific approach to acting. This level of training is extremely rare. When I work with Miriam I am challenged to use myself thoroughly, encouraged to be truthful, and instructed on how to be specific in executing directions without compromise. She possesses a passion for her work, a profound intuition, and an acute ability to recognize and solve the blocks and acting problems that her students sometimes face. Miriam offers the actor a clear, constructive approach and you’ll be give the rare opportunity to combine all your knowledge and talents to make this art form your own.”


Paulette Sinclair  (Actor: Cosmopolis, Dan for Mayor, The West Wing, The Shakespeare Comedy Show | Editor: Modra“Miriam quietly speaks little challenges to the actor and “presto” the scene takes on a whole, new, compelling dimension. Her wonderful layering technique has brought new depths of richness to my acting. I am particularly grateful to her for rekindling my sense of joy and playfulness.”


Brandi Ward  (Actor: XIII: The Series, Lost Girl, Guns, The Border, The Dresden Files, ReGenesis, Mutant X, Blues Brothers 2000) “The combination of Miriam’s vast knowledge base, insight and support, created awonderful environment for growth and learning.”


Warren Chow  (Actor: Cosmopolis, Rookie Blue, Connor Undercover, Mayday, Warehouse 13, The Listener) “Miriam is one of Toronto’s best acting coaches. Her dedication, knowledge, and attentiveness to the craft and her students are paralleled by few. Her unobtrusive approach and profound perspectives on the craft has given me the tools and techniques that I utilize consistently to help me center and play from a place of spontaneous truth. Miriam has helped shape my work so that I am able to live moment to moment. Miriam’s techniques and approach can only make an actor’s work better. Her ability to teach the actor to breathe properly, to be aware yet to not hold on, and to voice the moments that occur are just a few things that is unique to her.
Without Miriam, my understanding and respect for the craft of acting would not be as it is today. She has taught me how to be continually curious towards my work in that each character I play has their own life and story and the discovery of this life and story is the respect that must be dedicated to each character.”


Michael Luckett  (Actor: The Basement, The Firm, Mystic, Red: Werewolf Hunter, F2: Forensic Factor, MaydayMiriam is the coach whom taught me how to simply exist within a scene and in front of the camera. She introduced me to THE MOST IMPORTANT exercises and strategies that I use continually in my preparation for roles and auditions, which keep me out of my head and truly free me up to spontaneity and rooted passion within a scene. I’ve worked with many studios and coaches in Toronto, and Miriam’s approach and beliefs around acting, in my experience, are the most in line with allowing myself to be, not controlling or arbitrarily designing actions in a scene, and opening myself up to all the freeing possibilities that can exist in the moment.”