Private Coaching

Online or In-Person at Miriam’s Home Studio Near Yonge & Sheppard

1.     Coaching & Filming for Self Tapes Auditions

Miriam now offers services for coaching and filming self-tapes. She has a small, professionally-lit studio with a backdrop and can coach you, be your reader, and record your auditions on your iPhone with her tripod & mike.

Sera-Lys McArthur audition taping at Miriam’s

2.     Coaching for Zoom call-backs or Theatre Auditions

Work on auditions for theatre, film, or to get into schools. Improve for self-tapes by working on sides from Miriam’s large collection.

2.    Coaching for a role in which you’ve been cast

Many famous actors have their go-to coach. If you’re already booked, explore your character and script fully.  Miriam has worked with actors to bring their best to the set on the day.

FEES : $100/hour (+hst) CAD or a package of 4 hours for $380.00 (+hst) CAD.

Sera Lys McArthur  (Actor: Monkey Beach and Pretty Hard Cases, Burden of Proof, First Encounter, Outlander, Magic Madeleines, Friends From College, Robbery, Arctic Air)  Miriam is my go-to acting coach for all my auditions and callbacksShe is also extremely helpful in assisting me to breakdown scripts of lead roles which I have already booked. She helps me key in to aspects and elements I might have missed, which in turn allows me to reach a deeper level in my work. Her coaching is both artistic and technical. As a director, she has an excellent eye and ear for details. After working with Miriam, I always feel much more prepared and confident about my work. 

Nic Grimes   (Actor: The Christmas Spirit, Future Man, V-War, Killjoys) “Miriam is a brilliant teacher! Her teaching approach provides you with the precise tools to continually improve as an actor and set yourself up for future success. …  not only am I a stronger actor but I can’t begin to explain how truly free, present and confident I am during auditions and when I’m on set!”

Kiley May  (Actor: The D Cut, Coroner, It Chapter Two, Woman Dress) I wasn’t sure how practical online Zoom acting classes would be, but Miriam’s coaching still really comes through and can guide and pull out fantastic work for me.”

Aidan Wojtak-Hissong (Actor: Are You There God?, It’s Me Margaret, I Am Not Okay with This, Falling Water) “I would highly recommend Miriam if you need an acting coach who will bring out the best in you, particularly when faced with difficult auditions where you’re struggling to connect with the material. She has taken scenes from scripts that have been difficult for me to relate to and she has made the scenes more real for me. Miriam has also helped me with improvisation, particularly for my role on ‘Are You There God It’s Me Margaret’ where the ability to improvise scenes was a key part of my final audition. Miriam’s a great coach and if I want to feel like I’m well-prepared for an audition or a role, all I need to do is call her for help.”

Siam Yu  (Actor: I Declare War, The Yard) “Miriam’s exercises and techniques have fundamentally shifted the quality of my auditions. … Not only has my enjoyment in the process risen, but the speed of the character coming alive off the page has doubled as well. Miriam’s coaching has also gained significant results: I credit our work together as the reason I was accepted into the acting program at the National Theatre School of Canada. …”


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