Nothing can replace the tried-and-true training of groups of actors in living and real time in a studio setting. Sadly, due to the pandemic, Miriam has postponed her studio group classes. No one can really promise the experience of a studio class – that combines physical/vocal connective training with text on or off-camera online. Therefore, Miriam is on continuing to offer online coaching for auditions or roles.

Train To Be A Complete Actor



1.     Audition Coaching

Work on actual auditions for theatre or film  – or practicing your chops on sides from Miriam’s large collection.

2.    Role Coaching

Many famous actors have their go-to coach. If you’re already booked, explore your character and script fully.  Miriam has worked with actors to bring their best to the set on the day.

3.     Dream Role Coaching – In-Depth Exploration of a ‘Wheelhouse’ Role

Character exploration of monologues and/or scenes from one screen-play or play.  This could be ‘Hamlet’ to a role in a current series or film. The role will be chosen so that, while they are within the your ‘wheelhouse’, they stretch your abilities. 

4.     Accent Reduction or Dialect

Work with Miriam on improving your North American pronunciation or on a specific dialect.


*All submissions go directly to Miriam’s personal e-mail:


Miriam usually offers coaching for $100/hour (+hst). A new feature as of now is a package of 4 hours for $320.00 (+hst).


Miriam has years of experience coaching actors online for auditions and roles in series and for film, or theatre auditions.  She also has extensive experience as a Dialect and Accent-Reduction Coach. Her clients have included actors auditioning or booked on such films and series as: Fargo, 11-22-63, Burden of Truth, Future Man.


Her IAS technique intensifies an actor’s on-camera presence. It consists of acting exercises integrating Stanislavski, Meisner, Adler, Hagen and Strasberg – often making use of Michael Shurtleff’s vocabulary. This involves learning how to use an integration of all of the different techniques taught by great teachers of the past century – and apply them to the constraints of the screen.

Actors learn on-camera techniques; they make use of the story and character; they use those details and combine them with personal connections. They also learn Miriam’s techniques of how to maintain connections while doing a reading – be it ‘cold’ or ‘prepped’. Ultimately, we actors are required to master the logic of the written scene with human practical connections. This connection creates reality-moment-to-moment eye movement onscreen – with or without a script in our hands.

We see this type of acting throughout the great series and films; but learning, understanding, and practicing how to truly be believable – without a ‘façade’ of naturalism – remains key.


Over 12 weeks in a group, we will cover exercises drawn from far-ranging sources: relaxation, vocal, physical and sensory techniques, emotional connectivity, text analysis, auditioning, monologue and scene study for theatre and film.

In all of Miriam’s classes, special attention is paid to techniques for on-camera acting. Cold reads, monologues and scenes are filmed on HD video cameras. Students must supply their own disks and take it home at the end of the session.

Actors have found that studying with Miriam over a year or two builds their technique and forces them to take risks more effectively than going from teacher to teacher. Because of the depth of training offered, working with Miriam leads towards a highly skilled and intuitive acting style in theatre, television, and film. Actors need to gain the freedom, the information, and the knowledge to explore the many choices available to them in order to become better actors as a result. All of Miriam’s acting classes are held in her downtown studio in Toronto.