Fall 2020 Acting Classes

Train To Be A Complete Actor

Body, voice, imagination & mind for truthful & natural acting in theatre, film & auditions.

Classes cover multiple techniques & exercises. All of your text-work is recorded by Miriam on Zoom and sent to you for your use.

‣ relaxation techniques and vocal warm-ups

‣ Strasberg Sense Memory and Song & Dance

‣ techniques for reading, learning lines,

‣ improvisational techniques for character

‣ practical and organic on-camera techniques, theatre skills

‣ practice and knowledge for auditions in the ‘room,’ online, or self-tapes

 Thursday, September 17 – Thursday, December 10

Approximately 48 hours of class time .


1PM – 4:30/5:00PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) – timing is dependent on class size

Class Size | 6-8 Actors Per Class*


Returning Actors or ACTRA Members $600CAD+ $78HST
Actors New to Class $650CAD+ 84.50HST


Actors new to class work on a monologue and then reading and audition and scene-study skills. Returning actors choose to work on short prepared scenes, monologues, long-term Scene Study, cold reads and ‘off-book’ audition techniques.


Acceptance into the class: Actors email Miriam (see below) and arrange to ‘meet’ online for 20 minutes max to establish an individual connection so that she can help tailor an individual program of study. This procedure preserve the integrity of the class and ensures a safe space to explore the craft. As the clas size is limited, it offers a high value to those who are committed.

After admittance, payment will be made via PayPal for international students and online banking for Canadians.

Examples of work online:

Meredith – Mastering the art of letting the script live in your hands

Emmanuel working on a monologue with Maksood listening

‘The Talk’ after

Two improvisations on scenes from David Rabe’s In the Boom Boom Room. This disturbing play about misogyny, racism, childhood trauma and abuse was
way-ahead of its time: The actors are working on activity, relationship and connection. And even though it’s done through an online medium, so much is explored and learned!

Adriana & Lydia – Scene 1        Maya & Ashley – Scene 2

‘The Talk’ after


*All submissions go directly to Miriam’s personal e-mail: miriam.laurence@gmail.com