Her Philosophy

IMDB: Miriam Laurence


When a director asks for a specific result, how do you translate that direction into immediate action while relaxing and following your intuition?

All fine actors know that training involves a long process that leads to a personalized way of working derived from a variety of techniques. Good acting has always evolved from an understanding of the many aspects of the actor’s instrument.

Miriam Laurence Studio – Integrated Acting System enables actors to discover an individualized technique. Classes are supportive and ongoing, with special attention paid to the process of constructive feedback. Generally, actors have found that taking more than one studio session adds to their process. It builds their technique and forces them to take risks more effectively than does going from teacher to teacher. Using the theory that no single approach works for all actors, Miriam Laurence Studio – Integrated Acting System draws from the training techniques and philosophies of the interpreters of Stanislavsky (Boleslavsky, Adler, Strasberg, Meisner, Clurman, Hagen and Shurtleff).

The actor’s instrument is tuned by challenging and stretching all of its contributing components: vocal, physical, sensorial, intellectual and emotional.

Linklater voice techniques, body alignment and physical releasing are part of this process. The more analytical aspects of the craft are also covered. This process gradually leads to an actor’s continuous advancement in scene study.

Miriam Laurence Studio – Integrated Acting System helps actors of all levels to integrate these components into an intuitive, decisive, personal technique while developing their own individual acting style.